5 Paths to Affordable Health Insurance!

Health insurance basics

5 Paths to Affordable Health Insurance!1. Are you under the age of 26?

Your parents’ bosses may not like it, but you can thank Uncle Sam for passing The Affordable Care Act allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health care plan until age 26. This may be your best option for the best coverage at the best price.

2. Individual and Family Health Insurance

This health care insurance choice is simple to find and is available through your independent insurance agent. You can purchase a variety of options at assorted price points the same way you buy home or auto insurance. Obtain quotes by setting a personal appointment with your agent or you can request an online quote.

3. High Deductible Health Plan

People are selecting high deductibles for lower premiums. This can save you money, but unexpected out-of-pocket expenses can make the savings vanish. Oftentimes, those with high deductible plans put off appointments for preventative care that can lead to even larger future expenses. A certified agent can help you navigate the pros and cons of your choice as it aligns with your current life situation.

4. Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

In-between jobs or starting a job soon? Short term health insurance policies are temporary solutions that work the same as an individual or family health insurance policy. This option is best for those who need quick protection to avoid any health insurance gaps.

5. In school?

Many colleges and universities offer affordable student health plans and provide on campus health care facilities. Check with the admissions office for availability, offerings, and prices.

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