Dwelling Insurance

Keep the physical structure of your rental property and structures attached to it safe and insured from perils and accidents. You’ve worked hard to obtain a rental property, so it deserves to be protected.

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    Coverage Options

    Rental dwelling insurance is coverage specifically designed with landlords in mind, and covers personal liability in the event of an injury or loss of life on the leased premises. As the landlord you will be expected to have coverage on the building, while your tenants should have insurance to cover their personal property. Your dwelling includes the building you own , as well as anything attached to the structure on the premises, such as a garage, deck or porch. It also includes any built-in appliances you might have. Dwelling insurance covers the structure of your rental property, as well as specific perils that can damage your property such as: lightning, fire, smoke, wind, explosions, falling objects, hail, vandalism, sleet and theft.

    For an additional premium, coverage can be added for Personal Property, Personal Liability, Rental Value, Additional Living Expenses, and other similar coverage to suit your needs.

    Policy Highlights 

    • Have money to rebuild in case of damage to your rental dwelling’s structure.
    • Keep all structures attached to your rental dwelling safe and secured.
    • Protect your rental dwelling against natural perils.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is not covered by dwelling insurance?

    Typically, damage as a result of a flood is not covered by damage insurance and requires a separate flood insurance policy. Dwelling insurance also doesn’t cover damage from earthquakes or sewage backups. Most parts of your home will be covered under dwelling insurance, but a detached garage, shed, above-ground pool, and fences usually won’t be.

    What is a dwelling policy used to insure?

    Dwelling coverage is a part of your dwelling’s insurance policy that may help to rebuild or repair the physical structure of your dwelling in case of an accident or hazard.

    How much does dwelling coverage cost?

    Dwelling coverage is typically determined by the amount it would cost to completely rebuild the rental property at the current prices of construction and labor, taking into account the dwelling’s square footage. Your dwelling coverage limit should be a reflection of the rental property ’s true replacement cost value.