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Flood insurance is an essential extra layer of protection that is typically not included in homeowner’s insurance policies. Give your home the protection it needs, so that you can have peace-of-mind.

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    Situations that cause flooding – heavy rain, melting snow, severe coastal weather, etc. – can happen anywhere. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) recommends flood insurance to everyone, especially those in an area that has a high flood risk, and we agree.

    Coverage for flood damage is available from the federal government under the National Flood Insurance Program but is sold by licensed insurance agents. Flood coverage is excluded under homeowners policies and many commercial property policies (although flood damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy). Gaining flood coverage protects the core parts of your home – the foundations, appliances, and systems that keep it running – as well as carpeting and personal belongings, unless they’re in the basement.

    Policy Highlights 

    • Flood insurance will cost you the same amount, no matter where you get it.
    • Ensure your home and personal property is protected from flood damage.
    • Situations that cause flooding can happen anywhere – be ready for it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does flood insurance cost?

    Being that Flood Insurance is a national program backed by the federal government (via the NFIP), it will cost the same, no matter where you get it. The average cost of a policy through the NFIP is about $700 per year, but your premium might adjust depending on a variety of factors. Factors in determining the price of your flood insurance include: location of the home and flood zone and the design and age of your structure.

    What does it mean when a house is in a flood zone?

    Flood Zones are determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and are geographic areas that have been defined according to flood risk. These zones include moderate- to low- risk areas, high-risk areas and undetermined risk areas.

    Do I need flood insurance for my home?

    If you live in a high-risk area and your mortgage is through a government backed lender – yes, flood insurance is required. Although flood insurance might not be required in a low- to moderate-risk area, it is strongly recommended to carry flood insurance to guarantee your protection for a low cost.