Wedding Insurance

Ensure you have adequate coverage in preparation for one of the biggest days of your life. You’re spending a lot of time and money planning for the big day, you deserve to make sure it all pays off.

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    Wedding Insurance That Fits Your Needs

    Coverage Options

    Wedding insurance helps make things right when something goes wrong. You’ve always dreamed of planning the perfect wedding, but no matter how carefully you plan it, there are many things that can go wrong—things that are beyond your control.

    What if your reception venue goes out of business a month before the wedding, and you lose your deposit and have to find another location? … Or a hurricane causes your wedding to be postponed? … What if your bridal shop closes, leaving you without a gown? … A wedding insurance policy can cover a variety of situations.

    Policy Highlights 

    • Cover a last minute wedding postponement.
    • Insure wedding attire in the case of damages.
    • Coverage for no-show services.
    • Insure wedding food and drink.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does wedding insurance cover?

    A basic wedding surance policy protects against circumstances beyond your control, no-show or bankrupt vendors, damage to wedding attire, gifts and more, including but not limited to:

    • Postponement due to family illnesses or travel delays.
    • Military deployment.
    • Products/services that failed to arrive when promised.
    • Bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques and wedding venues that go out of business.
    • No-show photographers, DJs, musical acts & other services.
    • Lost or damaged wedding rings, dresses and other attire.
    • Damaged wedding cake or spoiled food.
    How much wedding insurance do I need?

    Consider choosing a coverage level at least equal to the amount you would lose if you were forced to reschedule at the last minute.

    When should I buy wedding insurance?

    Wedding coverage can be purchased as early as two years prior to the event or as late as 24 hours before your planned wedding day. Best practice is to purchase coverage as soon as you begin making deposits and purchases for your wedding.