Motorcycle Insurance

You’re passionate about your bike. Get the best coverage for you and your ride for when you’re on the road.

Motorcycle Insurance That Fits Your Needs

Coverage Options

Motorcycle Insurance covers more than just your bike – it covers yourself and others while you’re on the road. Ensure you’re keeping yourself, your bike & others protected. Specialized motorcycle coverages can include, but are not limited to: full replacement cost, no depreciation for parts, total loss coverage, bodily injuries, 24-hour roadside assistance, and accident forgiveness.

Policy Highlights 

  • Coverage for damage from a collision.
  • Total loss coverage for a new bike.
  • Add coverage for your gear and personal belongings.
  • Insure ATVs/UTVs, cruisers, custom bikes, dirt bikes and more.
  • Customize your motorcycle insurance policy.

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    Insurance Cleveland is currently licensed in the following States: Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does motorcycle insurance cover theft?

    Comprehensive coverage is typically required by your lender if you finance your bike. Comprehensive coverage covers theft, vandalism, and other incidents that are beyond your control.

    Do you cover ATV / UTVs?

     Yes. Through Insurance Cleveland, you can customize your coverage for your four-wheeler.

    Is motorcycle insurance expensive?

    Similar to car insurance, the value of your motorcycle can impact the cost of your insurance. If you ride a more expensive bike, you can expect a higher cost of insurance. Other factors like age, location and driving history also impact how much you pay. We’ll help you customize your coverage so you only pay for what you need.

    Do motorcycles need insurance?

    Most states require motorcycle insurance, and you may even need proof of insurance to register your motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance doesn’t just protect your bike, it also protects yourself and others.